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Lunda & Associates, P.C. is an experienced, qualified work injury evaluation and prevention firm specializing in Functional Capacity and Ergonomic Evaluations. Karen Lunda P.T., M.S. has over 30 years experience as a physical therapist, the last twenty-six years in injury prevention and work injury management.

Karen holds a degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Masters in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Arizona. She has lectured regularly on work injury and ergonomic topics and has co-authored two books: Cumulative Trauma Disorders, A Practical Guide to Prevention and Control (1997), and Ergonomics, A Risk Manager's Guide to Reducing Injuries, Costs and Liabilities (2002). She is widely regarded in southern Arizona as a leading expert in ergonomic and functional capacity evaluations. Her client list reflects the confidence of the major employers in the community.

Having performed over 2500 functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) over the past 27 years, Lunda & Associates is the most experienced provider of FCEs in southern Arizona. The staff also has expertise in identifying and dealing with the many ancillary issues and complexities that accompany injury or illness and which often mask an individual's true abilities.

Lunda & Associates schedules patients and provides reports in a timely manner, expediting the return to work or case closure process. The goal is to meet the needs of their clients and those involved in their care. Over 100 companies, government agencies and organizations have benefitted from onsite Ergonomic and Injury Prevention consultation from our company.

The clients of Lunda & Associates include major employers in southern Arizona. Her comprehensive approach to work injury management incorporates prevention, on-site ergonomic analysis, transitional return to work, and functional capacity evaluations. Employers who have utilized this continuum of return-to-work strategies have seen their costs for workers' compensation drop significantly.

Complex cases and difficult return-to-work closures are the specialty of Lunda & Associates. Contact us for more information or to discuss whether this approach will work for you.

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