Functional Capacity and Ergonomic Evaluations
Lunda and Associates, P.C.
I have decided it is time to retire! Looking back over almost 40 years as a Physical Therapist, including 22+ years as the owner of Lunda and Associates, I can honestly say that it has been an extremely gratifying, rewarding, and fulfilling career and one for which I am truly grateful. Thank you to all those colleagues and clients who have been by my side and made that journey possible.

I want to leave you in good hands, so if you are in need of a Functional Capacity Evaluation, please contact:

Sandy Goldstein, PT, CDMS at MEASURAbilities, LLC (Phoenix & Tucson locations)
Cell (480) 285-6212


Veronica "Ronnie" Crider, PT at Tucson Orthopedic Institute East
Office (520) 784-6587

If you are in need of an Ergonomic Evaluation, please contact:

Bill Elliot at Southwest Ergonomics
Cell (520) 990-6097

Please submit medical record requests to

Wishing you a safe, healthy & happy year in 2022!
Karen Lunda PT, MS