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Are you spending too much?

  1. Do you have a policy and procedure for when a work related injury or illness occurs?
  2. Do you review your injury data on a regular basis?
  3. Do you know what your high-risk jobs are?
  4. Do you have functional job descriptions for your high-risk jobs?
  5. Do you utilize post-offer functional screens for your high-risk jobs?
  6. Do you have a designated medical provider for your work-related injuries?
  7. Is your medical provider familiar with the type of work performed by your employees in terms of physical demands?
  8. Do you have a modified duty program?
  9. Does your medical provider understand the financial impact a lost workday has on you?
  10. Do you know what your mod-rate is?
  11. Do you know if it is greater than the standard for your industry?
  12. Do you know how your mod-rate impacts the premium that you are paying for workers compensation insurance?
  13. Are you aware that implementing a work injury management program can provide you with significant savings toward your workers compensation premium, medical costs, worker replacement costs and more?

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